How Your Trees Benefit from Regular Pruning

Healthy Trees with Tree Pruning

Trees are generally pretty low maintenance, but they do require a little care at times. Generally you don’t need to trim them every year, but at least consider pruning them every other year. Not only will your trees be healthier because of it, but you could also make the area a lot safer in more ways than one. Here are some of the main advantages of giving your trees a regular pruning.

Improve the Health of the Trees

You will have much healthier trees with a regular tree pruning schedule. Dead or dying limbs are not only unsightly, but they could cause further decay of the tree. Not to mention dead limbs could be dangerous to your family or property when they fall. Thinning out the limbs by pruning will also increase the air circulation and exposure to sunlight, both of which are beneficial for healthy trees.

Promote the Growth You Desire

Without pruning trees, you may have limbs growing where you don’t want them. Trees tend to grow and bend in the direction where they receive the most sunlight, so you have to prune them accordingly. If you neglect to take proper care, then you could end up with unbalanced trees that don’t grow tall and wide like they should.

Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Above all else, nicely pruned trees give your home an attractive appearance. You don’t have to be selling your home to make it look nice. You would be surprised at how much better you feel driving up to a home with well maintained trees. Also, tree pruning will make your home more visible, which means it will look more secure and cared for. This could be a deterrent for potential intruders.

You’ll Have Healthy Trees Year-Round

When you prune your trees during the spring or summer, you may realize you missed a few branches in the winter months when the leaves have fallen. That is a good time to do some touching up to ensure the trees will look perfect again when they regain their leaves! 

It usually isn’t too difficult to prune your own trees, but some situations require the efforts of tree pruning services. Not only will these services get the job done quickly and effectively, but you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself, someone else or your property.  

If you’re in the market for a tree pruning service, contact a trusted, local tree service. They can provide you with an expert recommendation and the best service for your home.

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9 Responses to How Your Trees Benefit from Regular Pruning

  • I didn’t realize that if you don’t prune your trees, you may have limbs growing where you don’t want them. My trees haven’t been trimmed in a very long time and you can tell because they are growing into my neighbors yard. I don’t think I have the equipment necessary to trim the trees, so I think I will hire a professional tree trimming service to do it for me.

  • Getting your trees trimmed accordingly to help them grow properly is excellent advice. Keeping them trimmed is a great way to keep them healthy. Finding a company that has experience working with your type of tree would be useful in getting them properly cut.

  • Tree Pruning is a most important for the tree health. Pruning helps trees grow high and look neat and attractive. Thanks for sharing the article.

  • My husband and I just bought our first home and we have been wondering how to take better care of our yard. That is good to know that we should at least get our trees trimmed every other year. I would love to be able to keep our trees looking healthy! Thank you for the information!

  • Great article. Very few people really understand the importance of proper tree trimming in regards to maintaining and improving the health of the tree.

  • I like how you said that pruning a tree will ensure that it grows how you want. We have a beautiful apple tree that doesn’t seem to grow many apples despite its age. It’s probably because it puts all of its energy into the branches rather than the fruit. We’ll have to talk to a tree service to see if they would have any advice for us to get things growing.

  • Cherry tree pruning is some what different depending on what style of tree pruning you want most common style is open center. The trick to growing a good cherry tree is to let the tree grow center leader for about 4 years that way you get some excellent limbs.

  • I love how you said that you can prune your own tree but that some circumstances need the help of a tree service. My wife and I have planted a beautiful apple tree in our backyard but we just can’t seem to get things right so that it produces. We’ll have to hire someone who actually knows what they are doing to help us out.

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