Tree Trimming

Keep loose branches from causing property damage.

Work with DeNisi Tree Service LLC and get the affordable trimming you need to ensure you don't have to deal with the damage falling branches can cause

Avoid potential damage to your property without creating one for your budget.

Don't sacrifice the beauty of your old trees to protect your property! Keep your storied yard looking beautiful while protecting yourself from the hazards damaged or dying tree limbs can present with our affordable tree trimming services.

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Branch removal
  • Shrub removal
  • Tree balancing
  • Cabling and bracing

Tree Pruning

Pruning trees and shrubs by the experts. DeNisi Tree Services provides licensed Arborist services.

24-hour Emergency Service to Protect Your Property

When news of the latest storm hits your ears, you don't always have the time needed to schedule a trimming and wait in line. When you need your tree trimmed now to protect your home, lawn, and more from damage and debris, you can count on our 24-hour EMERGENCY service.

Call 203-288-5118

Expert Tree Trimming and Pruning
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